Magnolias for Billie
Magnolias for Billie
oil on canvas
30" x 40"

I took us to a special place where the skunk cabbage was blooming. You had never smelled them flowering before so I thought it would be a nice thing for you, and I was excited to see your face as you dug your long nose in the pungent leaves. But that won't be what we remember from that day.
It all happened so quickly, we were swarmed by so many dogs, 12 I think. They were huge and everywhere and I could hardly see your black body among all their dirty white fur. You looked like the blood drop in Queen Anne’s Lace. I am sorry I couldn't protect you from them, I was screaming and waving my arms for them to get off you, but they couldn't understand. And even now, I actually can't do much for you. I can make sure you eat and walk and I’ll salve your wounds, and I will bring you the prettiest flowers in the world. But the rest is up to you, my sweet girl.