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You Must Remember This
You Must Remember This
oil on canvas
48" x 60"

An ode to a Montana visit. On the drive there we listened to, "You Must Remember This," a podcast telling the long-held secrets of Old Hollywood. The colors on the drive to Pictograph Cave made such an imprint on me, for I am someone who is usually surrounded by deep blues and lush greens of the Pacific North West. I was lifted and opened up by the palette of the high plains, a standing backbend. While in the caves, (painting), a warm end of summer storm came through, the clouds covered, and I was never the same. See, that was the first time I felt whatever you want to call it, enter my body. "You've got to remember this feeling, Sara," I muttered. Back home I continued listening to the Hollywood podcast while working on this painting, trying to hold on to Montana's God for as long as I could.