Building A Body Of Light

December 6th 6-9 pm
Mount Analouge
300 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98122

Artist talk and special Nidra to be announced!

Make love to the morning light. Marry the Redwoods. Caress and press into the canyons. Cry into the huge swooping Cedars and let them hold you ("remember, rejection is God's protection, darling"). Have a coffee and share your daily announcements with the ferns, they're listening I swear. Don't worry house plants,
momma is menstruating next week, you'll feast soon enough! Kiss her spongy bark - it's her mouth, it's how she drinks water. Allow the Sun to touch your pubic hair, he comes in peace. Marigolds are the flower with 400 souls, what can they teach you? Find respite, passion, drama, and romance outside the human realm.

-Sara Long, October 2016