Make love to the morning light. Marry the Redwoods. Caress and press into the canyons. Cry into the huge swooping Cedars and let them hold you, (remember, rejection is God's protection, darling). Have a coffee and share your daily announcements with the ferns, birds and twigs like you did when you were a little girl. Bake in the desert sun until your skin howls as you transform into a lizard. Don't worry house plants, momma is menstruating next week, you'll feast soon enough! Kiss her spongy bark - it's her mouth - it's how she drinks water. Marigolds are the flower with 400 souls, listen up. Stroke the Jumbo Rocks softly with care as you would your lovers folds - they are pulsing for you.
These observations and experiences are moments when I feel nature is speaking to me - opening up communication - so I can be used as a vessel to paint, draw, write, and make.

-Sara Long, 2020