• Kurt Cobain on Meditation

    “Just before I fall asleep and when I am really bored…I lay down and think for a while until I fall into a semi-hypnotic state of subconsciousness, some call it day dreaming, some call it just fucking spacing out. But I feel like I am not here. Some call it thinking but when I’m in this particular state of mind I forget to think and it becomes strictly observatory. I notice things very sensitively, like if I focus really hard, I can see small transparent blotches of debris on the outer shell of my eyes (or the conjunctiva). And can only follow it as my eyes move downward, it’s like watching film footage of amoeba or jelly like plankton under a microscope. And when I close my eyes and look up at the sun the bright orange redness radiates an intense picture of blood cells, or what I think are blood cells. And they are moving very rapidly and again I can only focus for so long before my eyes strain and I have to look away from the sun and rub my eyes hard then I see tiny spheres of sparking light which some call them stars.”
    -Kurt Cobain

  • "Building a Body of Light" statement

    As she lay on the floor, somewhere in between this world and that one, she released control and let herself go. This was a signal to all the little people inside to take over. She was safe among this group of carefully selected individuals. They all took the Building a Body of Light mission very seriously. There was Louise, who religiously went to Nidra every Sunday. Dustin, who traveled to the desert to meet a lover in his dreams. Viola, who eats magic mushrooms to find her essence. And sweet June, who fasts to be closer to God, (though her faith makes her a joke). They all went off with the oratory prompts from their guide of what to do, and when they returned from their voyages, she would paint these stories