Under the Pinyon
Under the Pinyon
oil on canvas
36" x 48"

I found a nice little place to die. It's pretty lovely there, but not the easiest to get to. It’s at the top of a big heap of granite boulders, the kind that would caress Laura Aguilar, the kind that look like thousands of bodies. To get to this special spot you must climb through poisonous desert Bluebells, rattlesnake holes, and your own fears of death. But don’t worry, the rocks are super grippy so you won’t slip, they’ve got you. Climb to the top and you will find a small clearing the size of my body, under the Pinyon Tree. The sound of wind whipping through the pine needles will make you think you are in danger of falling, but if you stay on the East side of the boulders, you are safe. Just stay close to my body and you will be safe.