The Last Spell
The Last Spell
oil on canvas
48" x 35"

This is the place where I made my last wish. A love wish. I have been taking notes from all the wise maidens, mothers, and crones over the years, all leading me to the desert. I found a protective nook within my favorite rocks, where I could be quiet and open myself up, letting the sun’s rays act as little highways for my prayers. The desert critters were all in on it too. A coyote gathered cholla sticks to hang as a sacred garland and a bobcat brought me a magic pink rock. As I hung the holy sticks, love ghosts and love spirits congregated in the dried branches chanting spells and intentions for me. The whole desert was watching over me. I felt a rush of awareness and gratitude. All these wishes have me feeling like I am living in lack rather than seeing all the wondrous love that is right in front of me. Like the coyote and the pink desert rock that somehow feels as though it’s been worn by years of crashing waves. And the pure and honest sun, the real love of my life. My sun-mate. My love will look different from anyone else’s, so one of the wise women said. This love was made just for me.