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The Shape of My Love
The Shape of My Love
oil on canvas
60" x 36"

I am finally starting to feel what my love looks like, or see what my love feels like, (the shape of my love). One time the fog was really thick at sunset. I was looking over a cliff at the ocean, but obviously I couldn't see the ocean. The sun’s last rays were bouncing and rolling around in the fog, like puppies. Pinks, warm grays, even a bit of lavender, all surrounded me, thick and hazy. And then a little sliver of the moon peered through. That is what my love can feel like.
It can also look like one of Georgia O'Keeffe's painted bones - direct and simple - but the more you give it time, the painting opens up and becomes this mandala of all the beautiful and sorrowful things in this world. When I love you, you will know. I can't help but expose myself, like when the ravens pick a seal carcass clean, not one ounce of flesh remaining. That is my love for you.