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Little Quaking Grasses
Little Quaking Grasses
oil on canvas
48" x 42"

I don't know why this can't be enough. When I am here the grass shakes and quakes in joy for my arrival. The heron, the great bird of solitude, croaks in horaltic pose as the sun warms her blood. She is the lone titan of the lagoon. There is a fly fisherman I see here all the time with wild eyes and grey in his beard who doesn't like most people but has taken a liking to me for some reason. His line catches light as it dances mid air before landing in the water. He always releases the fish he catches - just a way to pass time, he says.
Time is not bound to my body, but something we all share, it is our time. Like the fisherman and the heron who share time with the water and sun. And the sweet grasses, who just want to share their time with me. Maybe, one day I’ll get there, and that can be enough.